My purpose in launching this radio show was to bring to the public valuable information from highly trained experts about interesting topics in mental health. This was in contrast to other recent radio and TV shows that usually offer sensationalized opinions and quick-fix advice from poorly qualified personnel. “Ask Dr. Tom” was a live call-in show, and we tried our best to provide thoughtful, realistic answers to our listeners’ real-world questions. During its tenure, the show was broadcast every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00-4:00 on 880 AM in South Florida, and on the web at www.880thebiz.com a little over a year ago.

“Ask Dr. Tom” addressed the following topics (click on a link to listen to the hour-long shows):

  • “Helping Children and Parents Cope with Bullying” with child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Ana Eriksen, 
  • “How Psychotherapy Works” with child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Juan Rene Geada,
  • “Psychological Testing and ADHD” with psychologist Dr. Danielle Malluche, 
  • “Sex Abuse and the Treatment of Sexual Offenders” with psychologist Dr. Bill Samek,
  • “Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and related disorders” with psychologist Dr. Samantha Carella.
  • “Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adults” with child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Jon Shaw,
  • “Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders” with psychiatrist Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt,
  • “Couples Therapy” with licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Miram Menendez,
  • “The Latest News on Psychiatric Medications” with child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Juan Rene Geada,
  • “The Negative Effects of Divorce on Families and Children” with psychologist Dr. Phil Boswell, 

And two chapters from Dr. Tom Bonner’s Basic Reader

  • “Positive Discipline and How to Give Time Outs,” and
  • “How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night.”